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Scalable Quantum Bit Control

Within the SQuBiC (Scalable Quantum Bit Control) project, we develop, integrate and test highly integrated cryogenic control and readout electronics for future quantum computers. This comes along with multiple challenges that are being addressed with unconventional circuit concepts: On the one hand, the integrated circuits which are being manufactured in a commercial state-of-the-art CMOS process, have to be functional close to the absolute zero of the temperature scale (-273°C). On the other hand, the total power consumption is limited to few milliowatts due to the cooling power of today’s dilution refrigerators. Furthermore, we are characterizing the low temperature performance of the used CMOS processes in order to be able to simulate the circuit performance upfront. As an important next step, we will show in cooperation with the RWTH Aachen university (chair of Prof. Hendrik Bluhm) that qubits based on GaAs can be operated with the integrated circuits developed within the SQuBiC project.

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