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Supercomputer JURECA

Computing Power for Research

Researchers from all disciplines make use of supercomputers in order to discover how the climate is changing, how proteins are folded in cells, how new semiconductors function or how fuel cells can be improved. Jülich’s approach is to provide a system of complementary computers with a suitable platform for all applications.

6 Racks: 2 von JULIA, 2 des gemeinsam genutzten Speichersystems, 2 von JURON

Pilot Systems JULIA and JURON for Interactive Supercomputer

Two pilot systems for an interactive supercomputer are being tested at Jülich Supercomputing Centre. The systems – JULIA, created by CRAY, and JURON from IBM and NVIDIA – are specifically designed for applications in the neurosciences. The installation and test phase are part of a special procurement for the European Human Brain Project.

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Pioneering Cooperations

Supercomputers are unique objects. For every new generation, Jülich computer scientists gather the best resources together: energy efficient-processors, fast networks, optimised software. Jülich therefore collaborates with the leading companies and institutions in the field. Their aim is to continue to facilitate world-class research.