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Semiconductor Spin Qubits and Single Photon Sources

This research topic is focused on the development of semiconductor based low dimensional quantum systems, such as single impurities in quantum wells, colloidal nanocrystals in epitaxial heterostructures and Stranski-Krastanow quantum dots.

The above mentioned quantum systems are combined with advanced micro- and nano-cavity structures. Among them, microdisks, photonic crystals and vertical cavity surface emitting nanopillars are fabricated. This allows for the design of single photon sources, electron and nuclear spin qubits and low threshold lasers which may serve as building blocks in quantum information networks. Our main objective is to transfer such experimental demonstrations into a complex solid state chip to simplify the scalability towards real quantum networks.
This also implies the integrated-optical connection of localized electron and nuclear spins as solid state qubits via photonic wiring based on waveguide structures and the exchange of single photons as flying qubits. The quantum phenomena of our devices are studied with various optical methods, for example micro-photoluminescence, magneto- and correlation-spectroscopy and Kerr-rotation measurements.

Spin Qubits Scheme Connection of atomic systems via nanostructures and microcavities to a macroscopic integrated-optical device chip interface.

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