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Optically controllable single fluorine bound-electron spin qubits

This project comprises the properties of ZnSe:F based qubits manifested through the Zeeman splitting of the bound electron spin of the neutral fluorine donor (D0) in a magnetic field.

The fluorine qubits are implemented in ZnMgSe/ZnSe or ZnMgSe/ZnSe/CdSe quantum structures either by epitaxial-doping or by ion implantation. Magneto-optical properties of single fluorine qubits revealed the presence of a three-level lambda-system which has the same characteristic features (i.e. electron and hole g-factors, selection rules), whether the fluorine qubits are generated by epitaxial doping or by ion implantation. Recently, optical initialization and readout of single fluorine qubits by spin-dependent optical pumping was demonstrated. Currently we focus on coherent control optical control of the qubits and spin-photon entanglement techniques to transfer quantum quantum states from stationary qubits (electron spins) to flying qubits (photons) and vice versa.

Fluorine Setup (a) Experimental setup for all-optical initialization and read-out of a single fluorine qubit. (b) Corresponding pump and detection scheme. (c) Full qubit ground state initialization at gamma=3 (1µW pump power) with 74% fidelity.

Selected Publications in this topic:

“Optical pumping of a single electron spin bound to a Fluorine donor in ZnSe”, D. J. Sleiter, K. Sanaka, M. Kim, K. Lischka, A. Pawlis, Y. Yamamoto, Nano Letters 13, 116 (2013).

“Optically controlled initialization and read-out of an electron spin bound to a fluorine donor in ZnSe”, Y.M. Kim, D. Sleiter, K. Sanaka, D. Reuter, K. Lischka, Y. Yamamoto, A. Pawlis, Curr. Appl. Phys. 14, 1234 (2014).