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Fluorine impurity based single photon sources

This project is focused on the properties of single photon sources (SPS) based on fluorine -doped ZnMgSe/ZnSe quantum well structures.

By photon correlation measurements we verified efficient single photon emission due to the recombination of fluorine donor bound excitons. The potential scalability of the ZnSe:F SPS is demonstrated through the quantum interference of indistinguishable single photons emitted from two independent devices and the results indicate that the ZnSe:F SPS are Fourier-limited. We also demonstrated the post-selection of polarization entangled photon pairs emitted from two independent ZnSe:F SPS. In particular, the two devices were separated by a macroscopic distance of about 5 cm. The results constitute a first realization of two indistinguishable ZnSe:F SPS that can be used to generate substantial entanglement over macroscopic distances.

Optically controllable single fluorine Optical setup for measuring quantum interference and photon polarization entanglement of ZnSe:F SPS.

Fluorine Results Real part of polarization density matrix yielding post selection of Psi(-) Bell State.

Selected Publications in this topic:

“Entangling single photons from independently tuned semiconductor nanostructures”, K. Sanaka, A. Pawlis, T.D. Ladd, D. J. Sleiter, K. Lischka, Y. Yamamoto, Nano Letters 12, 4611 (2012).

“Donor bound excitons in ZnSe nanoresonators – Applications in quantum information science”, A. Pawlis, K. Lischka, K. Sanaka, D. Sleiter, Y. Yamamoto, AIP conference proceedings 1598, 194 (2014).