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Superconductor-Nanowire Hybrids

If a semiconductor nanowire is contacted by two superconducting electron is close proximity a Josephson supercurrent can be observed.

The the tranport can be described in the framework of phase-coherent Andreev reflection. In an Andreev reflection process, an electron impinging on a normal conductor/superconductor interface is retroreflected as a hole, while creating a Cooper pair in the superconductor. The Cooper pairs carry the Josephson supercurrent. The small dimensions of the nanowire allow to investigate confinement effects in the transport.

In the figure below a scanning electron micrograph of a Nb/InN-nanowire/Nb junction is shown. The superconducting Nb electrodes are defined by electron beam lithography and magnetron sputtering.

Hybrid JunctionScanning electron beam micrograph of a Nb/InN-nanowire/Nb junction

A typical current voltage characteristics of a Nb/InN-nanowire/Nb junction is depicted in the figure below. At temperatures of 0.8 K a critical current, i.e. the maximum supercurrent, of more than 5 µA is observed. With increasing temperatures the critical current decreasing. The hysteresis in the current voltage characteristics can be attributed to heating effects.

Nb/InN/Nb Hybrid: current voltage characteristic Current-voltage characteristics of a Nb/InN-nanowire/Nb Josephson junction at different temperatures

In addition Josepshon junctions based on InAs/GaAs core/shell nanowires were investigated. Here, conductance oscillations comprising a flux period of h/2e were observed.


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