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High-Fidelity Single Qubit Gates

High-Fidelity Single Qubit Gates

Hendrik Bluhm's research group has built on his long experience with GaAs quantum dot qubits, and has set as a definite objective the achievement of the world’s best fidelity quantum gates in this system.
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Real-world Quantum Hall Circulators

Work started in the Aachen University group continues under the umbrella of PGI-11, in an effort to take the basic idea of the Hall circulator and adapt it further to real-world conditions. More: Real-world Quantum Hall Circulators …


Longitudinal Coupling Structures

A large burden of small but not negligible stray couplings is troublesome for many multi-qubit layout concepts, particularly those involving superconducting qubits.
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Planned New Directions

Here is a selection of our research plans for the near future. More: Planned New Directions …