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An understanding of the magnetic properties of complex materials is essential for many projects of technological interest.

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Understanding correlation effects in strongly correlated systems., i.e. the interplay of kinetic and Coulomb energy in many-body systems, is one of the biggest challenges in modern condensed-matter physics.

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Materials Lab Computer

The density functional formalism provides a method for calculating the energy of molecular systems as a function of the atomic positions.

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Friction & Crack Propagation

How does friction arise when driving a car? How do Formula-1 tires work? Why can geckos and grasshoppers climb walls?

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FLEUR allows us to investigate materials properties on a quantum mechanical level.

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Functional Oxide Materials

Investigations of functional oxide materials and their interfaces with the goal of understanding the interplay between bulk and defect properties.

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Fuel-cell membranes, photovoltaic absorbers, or energy-storage materials can be investigated and optimized using density functional theory and techniques beyond DFT.

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Spin-Related Transport

Exotic forms of spin-related transport properties of materials, e.g. the spin-torque, the spin-Hall and anomalous-Hall effect, the quantum spin-Hall effect, and the anisotropy of transport and relaxation coefficients are explained with the help of density-functional calculations.

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Molecular Electronics

Implementing specific electrical functions in single molecules by tailored synthetic molecular design represents one of the main visions of the molecular electronics approach for constructing future nanodevices. 

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Molecular Spintronics

Merging the concepts of molecular electronics with spintronics opens one of the most exciting avenue in designing and building future nanoelectronic devices.

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