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Selected Publications

Prof. Dr. Heiner Müller-Krumbhaar

( The @-symbol in front of the title of a publication indicates that an abstract is included )


  • ''Detection of Single Collisions of Fast Neutrons by Nucleation of Tyndall-Flowers in Ice''
    (with H. Engelhardt, B. Bullemer and N. Riehl)
    J. Appl. Phys. 40, 5308 (1969)
  • ''A Self-Consistent Monte Carlo Method for the Heisenberg Ferromagnet''
    (with K. Binder)
    Z. Physik 254, 269 - 280 (1972)
  • ''Monte Carlo Calculation of the Scaling Equation of State for the Classical Heisenberg Ferromagnet''
    (with K. Binder)
    Phys. Rev. B1, 3297 (1973)
  • ''Dynamical Properties of the Monte Carlo Method in Statistical Mechanics''
    (with K. Binder)
    J. Statist. Phys. 8, 1 (1973)
  • ''Spin-Pair Correlations of the Classical Heisenberg Ferromagnet Above and Below the Critical Point''
    Z. Physik 267, 261 (1974)
  • ''Master Equation Approach to Stochastic Models of Crystal Growth''
    Phys. Rev. B10, 1308 (1974)
  • ''Percolation in a Lattice System with Particle Interaction''
    Phys. Letters 50A, 27 (1974)
  • ''Diffusion Theory for Crystal Growth at Arbitrary Solute Concentration''
    J. Chem. Phys. 63, 5131 (1975)
  • ''Theory for the Dynamics of Clusters near the Critical Point. I. Relaxation of the Glauber Kinetic Ising Model''
    (with K. Binder, D. Stauffer)
    Phys. Rev. B12, 5261 (1975)
  • ''A Generalized Kinetic Equation of Crystal Growth''
    (with T. Burkhardt and D. Kroll)
    J. Crystal Growth 38, 13 (1977)
  • ''Spiral Growth of Crystals: Simulations on a Stochastic Model''
    (with R. Swendsen, P.J. Kortman, D.P. Landau)
    J. Crystal Growth 35, 73 (1976)
  • ''Tricritical Relaxation in an Ising-Glauber Model with Competing Interaction''
    (with D.P. Landau)
    Phys. Rev. B14, 2014 (1976)
  • Developments in the theory of the roughening transition in ''Crystal Growth and Materials''
    (E. Kaldis, H.J. Scheel eds.),
    North-Holland, Amsterdam 1977, p. 115
  • ''Kinetics of Crystal Growth'', in ''Current topics in materials science''
    (E. Kaldis ed.),
    North-Holland, Amsterdam 1978
  • ''Kinetic Gaussian Model''
    Z. Physik B25, 287 (1976)
  • ''Growth Spirals in a chemical potential varying in space or time''
    J. Crystal Growth 44, 135 (1978)
  • ''Monte Carlo Simulation of Crystal Growth'' in ''Monte Carlo methods in statistical mechanics''
    (ed.: K. Binder),
    Springer, Heidelberg, 1978
  • ''Theory of dendritic growth I: Elements of a stability analysis''
    (with J. Langer)
    Acta Met. 26, 1681 (1978);
    ''Theory of dendritic growth II: Instabilities in the limit of vanishing surface tension''
    Acta Met. 26, 1689 (1978);
    ''Theory of dendritic growth III: Effects of surface tension''
    Acta Met. 26, 1697 (1978)
  • ''Diffusion and Relaxation in Stochastic Models for Crystal Growth''
    (with Y. Saito)
    J. Chem. Phys. 70, 1078 (1979)
  • ''On the bifurcation in hard-sphere systems''
    (with J. Haus)
    J. Chem. Phys. 69, 5219 (1978)
  • ''Real-Space Renormalization for Arbitrary Single-Site- Potential''
    Z. Physik B35, 339 (1979)
  • ''Two-Dimensional Coulomb gas: A Monte Carlo Study''
    (with Y. Saito)
    Phys. Rev. B23, 308 (1981)
  • ''Antiferromagnetic Spin-1 Ising Model: II. Interface Structure and Kinetic Phase Transition''
    (with Y. Saito)
    J. Chem. Phys. 74, 721 (1981)
  • ''Sidebranching Instabilities in a Twodimensional Model of Dendritic Solidification''
    (with J.S. Langer)
    Acta Met. 29, 145 (1980)
  • ''Commensurate-Incommensurate Transition: On the Coupling between Phase Solitions and Strain''
    (with H.J. Brocksch, H.U. Everts)
    J. Phys. C14, 603 (1981)
  • ''Mode selection in dendrite-like nonlinear system''
    (with J.S. Langer)
    Phys. Rev. A27, 499 (1983)
  • ''First- and second-order transitions to superstructures: Relation to discrete maps''
    (with E. Allroth)
    Phys. Rev. A27, 1571 (1983)
  • ''Kinetic Depinning Transitions''
    (with T.F. Meister)
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 51, 1780 (1983);
    ''Kinetic Depinning Transitions''
    Z. Physik B55, 111 (1984)
  • ''Roughening and Melting in Two Dimensions''
    (with Y. Saito)
    in Applications of the Monte Carlo Method in Statistical Physics;
    K. Binder ed.,
    Springer Verlag 1984
  • ''Melting of two dimensional dislocation systems''
    (with Y. Saito)
    Surface Science 144, 84 (1984)
  • ''Resonance-induced cluster-mobility''
    (with S. Stoyanov)
    Surface Science 159, 49 (1985)
  • ''Dynamics of periodic pattern formation''
    (with H.R. Schober, E. Allroth, K. Schroeder)
    Phys. Rev. A33, 567 (1986)
  • ''Dynamic Coarsening of Crystal Surfaces''
    (with J.P. v.d. Eerden)
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 57, 2431 (1986);
    ''Dynamics of Macrostep Formation on Crystals: Recursive Differential Euqations''
    (with J.P. v.d. Eerden)
    Physica Scripta, Vol. 40, 337-339 (1989)
  • ''Dendritic Crystallization: Numerical Study of the One-Sided Model''
    (with Y. Saito, G. Goldbeck-Wood)
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 58, 1541 (1987);
    ''Numerical Simulation of Dendritic Growth''
    (with Y. Saito, G. Goldbeck-Wood)
    Phys. Rev. A 38, 2148 (1988)
  • Fuzzy Logic, m-Spin-Glasses and 3-SAT
    Europhys. Lett. 7, pp. 479-484 (1988)
  • ''Propagating Front of a Propagating Pattern''
    (with M. Niklas, M. Lücke)
    Europhys. Lett. 9, 237 (1989);
    ''Velocity of a propagating Taylor-vortex front''
    (with M. Niklas, M. Lücke)
    Phys. Rev. A 40, 493 (1989)
  • ''Taylor-Vortex Flow of Ferrofluids''
    (with M. Niklas, M. Lücke)
    J. of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 81, 29 (1989)
  • ''Directional Solidification: Transition from Cells to Dendrites''
    (with Y. Saito, C. Misbah)
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 63, 2377 (1989)
  • ''Simulation of Non-Isothermal Nucleation''
    (with K. Ohno, H. Trinkaus)
    J. Crystal Growth 99, 68 (1990)
  • ''Computersimulation: Konkurrenz für Experimente?''
    Physikalische Blätter 45, 69 (1989), Nr. 3
  • ''Exact Functional Renormalization Group for Wetting Transitions''
    (with F. Jülicher and R. Lipowsky)
    Europhys. Letters 11 (7), p. 657-662 (1990)
  • ''Interface Structure at Large Supercolings''
    (with C. Misbah and D. Temkin)
    J. Physique 1, 585 (1991)
  • ''Solidification''
    (with W. Kurz)
    in: Materials Science, Vol. 5, ed. P. Haasen, VCH-Verlag, Weinheim 1990
  • ''Kinetics in Directional Solidification''
    (with A. Classen and C. Misbah)
    Phys. Rev. A 43, 6920 (1991)
  • ''Transition to Chaos in Directional Solidification''
    (with K. Kassner and C. Misbah)
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 67, 1551 (1991)
  • ''Morphology Transitions during Non-Equilibrium Growth: I. Study of equilibrium shapes and properties''
    (with O. Shochet, K. Kassner, E. Ben-Jacob, S.G. Lipson) Physica A 181, 87 (1992);
    Morphology Transitions during Non-Equilibrium Growth: II. Morphology diagram and characterization of the transition
    (with O. Shochet, K. Kassner, E. Ben-Jacob, S. Lipson),
    Physica A 187, 87 (1992)
  • ''Kinetic Phase-Diagram and Scaling Relations for Stationary Diffusional Growth''
    (with E. Brener and D. Temkin)
    Europhys. Letters 17, 535 (1992)
  • Linear Scaling of Computer Time with the Inverse Temperature for the Grand Canonical Quantum Monte Carlo Method
    (with M. Ulmke),
    Z. Physik B 89, 239 (1992)
  • Crystal Growth in a Channel: Numerical Study of the One--Sided Model
    (with E. Brener, D. Temkin, Y. Saito),
    Phys. Rev. E 47, 1151 (1993)
  • Fluctuation Effects on Dendritic Growth Morphology
    (with E. Brener, T. Ihle, Y. Saito and K. Shiraishi),
    Physica A 204 , 96 (1994).
  • Diffusion--Limited Fractal Growth Morphology in Thermodynamical Two--Phase Systems
    (with T. Ihle),
    Phys. Rev. Letters 70, 3083 (1993);
    @ Fractal and Compact Growth Morphologies in Phase Transitions with Diffusion--Transport
    (with T. Ihle),
    Phys. Rev. E 49, 2972 (1994).
  • Chaotische Musterbildung in Legierungen
    (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Naturwiss. Beilage, 7. Juli 1993)
  • Directional Solidification at High Speed: Transition to Chaos
    (with K. Kassner, C. Misbah, A. Valance),
    Phys. Rev. E 49, 5495 (1994)
  • @ Critical Phenomena in Morphology Transitions of Growth Models with Competition
    (with Y. Saito),
    Phys. Rev. Letters 74, 4325 (1995)
  • Growth of a needle-like crystal near a wall;
    E.A.Brener, Y.Saito, H.Mueller-Krumbhaar and D.E.Temkin;
    (in Russian), JETP-Letter,61, 285 (1995)
  • @ Fractal and Compact Morphology of Growth Patterns
    H. Müller--Krumbhaar, T. Ihle and A.Bösch
    in: Spatio-temporal Patterns in Nonequilibrium Complex Systems, P.E. Cladis, P. Palffy-Muhoray eds., Addison Wesley Publ., Reading, 1995.
  • @ Phase-Field Models for Moving Boundary Problems: Controlling Metastability and Anisotropy
    A. Bösch, H. Müller-Krumbhaar and O. Shochet
    Z. Physik B97, 367 (1995).
  • @ Charge Density Waves in an Electron-Two Level System Model
    M. Ulmke and H. Müller-Krumbhaar
    J. Low Temp. Phys. 99 (3/4), 545 (1995)
  • @ Recent Advances in the Theory of Free Dendritic Growth
    B. Caroli and H. Müller-Krumbhaar
    ISIJ International, Vol. 35, page 1541-1550, (1995).
  • @ Structure Formation and Morphology Diagram in Two--Dimensional Diffusional Growth
    E. Brener, H. Müller-Krumbhaar and D. Temkin
    Phys. Rev. E 54, 2714 (1996)
  • @ Discontinuous Transition between Seaweed and Chaotic Growth Morphology
    T. Ihle and H. Müller-Krumbhaar
    J. Physique I France, 6, 949 (1996)
  • Morphology and Selection Processes in Diffusion-Controlled Growth Patterns,
    H. Müller-Krumbhaar, M. Zimmer, T. Ihle, Y. Saito
    Physica A 224, 322 (1996)
  • Length and Time Scales in Materials Science:
    Interfacial Pattern Formation, in:
    Computer Simulation in Materials Science,
    H. Müller-Krumbhaar,
    H.O. Kirchner et al. eds., Kluwer Academic Publ. Amsterdam 1996
  • Strong coupling between diffusive and elastic
    instabilities in directional solidification,
    I. Durand, K. Kassner, C. Misbah, H. Müller-Krumbhaar,
    Phys. Rev. Letters 76, 3013 (1996)
  • @Three-Dimensional Growth-Morphologies in Diffusion-Controlled Channel Growth
    T. Abel, E. Brener and H. Müller-Krumbhaar
    Phys. Rev. E 55, 7789 (1997)
  • Morphology Diagram of Possible Structures in Diffusional Growth
    E.Brener, H. Müller-Krumbhaar, D. Temkin, T. Abel,
    Physica A 249, 73 ( 1997)
  • On elastic interaction between surface defects in thin layers
    P. Peyla, A. Vallat, C. Misbah, H. Müller-Krumbhaar
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 82, 787 (1999).
  • Eden model with elastic interactions
    Y. Saito, H. Müller-Krumbhaar
    J. Phys. Soc. Japan, 67, 3661 (1998)
  • Directional solidification under stress
    I. Cantat, K. Kassner, C. Misbah, H. Müller-Krumbhaar
    Phys. Rev. E 58, 6027 (1998)
  • Solidification in the one-dimensional model for a binary alloy under diffusion
    X. Feng, E. A. Brener, D. E. Temkin, Y. Saito, H. Müller-Krumbhaar
    Eur. Phys. J. B 5, 663 (1998)
  • Crystal Growth and Solidification (Review),
    in Computer Simulation in Materials Science,
    H. Müller-Krumbhaar and Y. Saito ed. M. Borowko, Dekker, N.Y. 1999. (To appear).
  • Fractal Growth of Epitaxial Surface Clusters with Elastic Interaction
    J. Steinbrecher, H. Müller-Krumbhaar,E. Brener, C. Misbah and P. Peyla
    Phys. Rev. E 59, 5600 (1999)
  • Creep Motion of a Solidification Front in a Two-Dimensional Binary Alloy
    X. Feng, E. A. Brener, D. E. Temkin, Y. Saito, H. Müller-Krumbhaar
    Phys. Rev E 59, 512 (1999)
  • Structure Formation in Diffusional Growth and Dewetting,
    E. A. Brener, H. Müller-Krumbhaar, D.E. Temkin,
    Solid State Ionics 131, 23 (2000).
  • Crystal Growth and Solidification (Review),
    H. Müller-Krumbhaar and Y. Saito,
    in Computer Simulation in Colloid an Interface Science, ed. M. Borowko, Dekker, N.Y., 2000.
  • Comment on ''Electrically induced morphological instabilities in free dendritic growth'',
    E. Brener and H. Müller-Krumbhaar,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 83, 1698 (1999)
  • Coarsening kinetics with elastic effects,
    E. Brener, V. I. Marchenko, H. Müller-Krumbhaar, R. Spatschek,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 84, 4914 (2000)
  • Epitaxial Growth with Elastic Interaction: Layer and Cluster Growth;
    F. Gutheim, H. Müller-Krumbhaar, E. Brener, C. Misbah;
    p. 484 in Stochastic Processes in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, J. A. Freund, T. Poeschel eds., Springer Verlag, Berlin 2000.
  • Submonolayer cluster formation,
    F. Gutheim, H. Müller-Krumbhaar, E. Brener;
    Phys. Rev. E 63, 041603 (2001)
  • Dewetting Hydrodynamics in 1+1 Dimensions;
    H. Müller-Krumbhaar, H. Emmerich, E. Brener, M. Hartmann;
    Phys. Rev. E 63, 026304 [1-9] (2001)
  • Strukturbildung und Selbstorganisation; Kapitel 3.4 in ''Physik - Denkschrift der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft zum Jahr der Physik'',
    H.W. Diehl, B. Eckhardt, S. Grossmann, H. Müller-Krumbhaar, W. Zimmermann;
    Herausgeber: Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft e.V., Bad Honnef; November 2000.
  • ''Nachwuchsmangel in Physik - ein Problem der Schule?'';
    H. Müller-Krumbhaar,
    Praxis der Naturwissenschaften - Physik, Bd. 49, 1 (2000)
  • ''Was die Welt zusammenhält'',
    H. Müller-Krumbhaar, H.F. Wagner, eds.,
    Verlag Wiley-VCH, Berlin 2001. ISBN 3-527-40329-9
  • ''... und Er würfelt doch! - Von der Erforschung des ganz Grossen, des ganz Kleinen und der ganz vielen Dinge'',
    H. Müller-Krumbhaar, H. F. Wagner, eds.,
    Verlag Wiley-VCH, Berlin 2001. ISBN 3-527-40328-0
  • Elastic effects on growth processes
    H. Müller-Krumbhaar, F. Gutheim, R. Spatschek, E. Brener
    Appl. Surface Science, 7160, 1 (2001)
  • Growth-Morphologies in Solidification and Hydrodynamics
    H. Müller-Krumbhaar, T. Abel, E. Brener, M. Hartmann, N. Eissfeldt, D. Temkin
    JSME International Journal B 45, 129 (2002)
  • Liquid-Liquid Phase Change in Systems with Flow
    R. Rzehak, H. Müller-Krumbhaar and W. Marquardt
    Chemical Engineering Science 58, 247-255(2003)
  • F. Gutheim, H. Müller-Krumbhaar, E. Brener, V. Kagan
    Thermal Roughening of a Solid-On-Solid Model with Elastic Interactions
    Phys. Rev. B 67, 195404 (2003)
  • H. Müller-Krumbhaar, F. Gutheim, C. Pütter
    Roughening transition of an SOSmodel with elastic interactions
    J. Crystal Growth 275, 51 (2005)
  • Manuscripts of the 37th Spring School of the Institute of Solid State Research
    Computational Condensed Matter Physics (edited by S. Blgel, G. Gompper, E. Koch, H. Mller-Krumbhaar, R. Spatschek, and R.G. Winkler)
    Forschungszentrum Jülich, ISBN 3-89336-430-7 (2006).
  • Spatschek R., Hartmann M., Brener E., Mller-Krumbhaar H., Kassner K.
    Phase field modeling of fast crack propagation
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 015502 (2006)
  • Müller-Krumbhaar H.
    Wie wächst ein Keim?
    Jahrbuch 2005 der Deutschen Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina
    LEOPOLDINA (R.3) 51, 427 (2006)
  • Spatschek, R.; Brener, E.; Müller-Krumbhaar
    H. Dynamics of Crack Propagation: Regular and Irregular Pattern Formation
    Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems, 10 , 136 (2007)
  • Rzehak R., Leefken A., Al Sibai F., Müller-Krumbhaar H. and Renz, U.
    Numerical computation of immiscible two-phase flow in comparison with experiments
    Journal of Engineering Thermophysics 17, 80 (2008)