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Spin hot loops_jpg

Spin hot loops in hcp rhenium
The image shows the Fermi surface of hcp rhenium in the First Brillouin zone, with the spin-mixing parameter in a color-code. In the presence of spin-orbit coupling, the electronic states are not of pure but of mixed spin character. For electron-spins polarized along the ab-plane of the hcp-structure, so called 'spin hot loops' (lines of full spin-mixed character, shown in red in the picture) emerge close to the hexagonal face of the Brillouin zone boundary. The spin hot loops vanish for electrons which are spin-polarized along the c-axis of the hcp crystal (not shown) and are therefore a source of giant anisotropy of the spin-mixing parameter in hcp rhenium. For the phenomenon of spin-relaxation in spin-transport processes, the spin-mixing parameter on the Fermi surface is of fundamental importance.
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