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Monitoring doctoral projects

Monitoring by the JuDocs Council

Intensive specialized supervision of the doctoral projects takes place in the institutes and at the universities awarding the doctoral degrees. In parallel, all doctoral projects are monitored at Forschungszentrum Jülich by the JuDocs council. This means that six months into their contracts, doctoral researchers must first submit a project outline to the monitoring committee followed by progress reports on their research activities at specific intervals. The documentation of reports and communication between the doctoral researchers, scientific supervisors, and the council also take place via the DokMS project management tool, which will be developed specifically for this purpose in 2019.
This form of project-based monitoring has long been established at Jülich for the majority of doctoral researchers. The procedure is based on a clear allocation of roles and tasks. The JuDocs council reports regularly on its work, enabling the cornerstones of doctoral supervision at Jülich to be continually adjusted in line with current requirements and in consultation with all parties involved.

Feedback and evaluation

After completing the doctoral project, doctoral researchers and supervisors have the opportunity to reflect on work and give feedback. Feedback is collected anonymously and is treated confidentially. The evaluation serves to continuously optimize the framework conditions for work on doctoral projects at Jülich.