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ESS Instrumentation

The ESS is a next-generation European neutron research facility in Lund, Sweden; our department “ESS Instrumentation” designs concepts for neutron scattering instruments there.

Neutron Spin Echo Spec

Neutron methods

We design, build and neutron instruments at FRM II in Garching, SNS in Oak Ridge, and ILL Grenoble.

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Polymer structure and dynamics

In this research field in-situ techniques are used to study polymerization processes, focusing on the structures formed by the growing polymer chains.

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Protein structure and dynamics

Using elastic and quasielastic neutron scattering methods we investigate the structure and internal dynamics of proteins to reveal the connection to their function.

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Soft materials and liquids can form glasses. Using quasielastic and inelastic neutron scattering methods we investigate how molecular mobility and cooperativity control glass formation.

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Ion conduction

Using neutron scattering we investigate how local nano-scale ion/membrane mobilities determine ion conduction and performance of fuel cells and batteries.

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Soft colloids and gels

Using neutron and X-ray scattering we study how soft interactions control the assembly of colloidal particles into crystalline and quasicrystalline phases and gels.

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We explore how to better stabilize microemulsions by adjusting the molecular structure of the oil/water-interface.

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