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Beamtime at MLZ

News of the new round of proposals!

Proposals for the deadline on

22 March 2019 

can be submitted via the MLZ User Office System ( and

Additional information is available at

At the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum, JCNS offers access to the following instruments:

BIODIFFDiffractometer for Large Unit CellMLZ
DNSDiffuse Neutron Scattering SpectrometerMLZ
HEIDISingle Crystal Diffractometer on Hot SourceMLZ
J-NSENeutron Spin-Echo SpectrometerMLZ
KWS-1Small Angle Scattering DiffractometerMLZ
KWS-2Small Angle Scattering DiffractometerMLZ
KWS-3Very Small Angle Scattering DiffractometerMLZ
MARIAMagnetic Reflectometer with High Incident AngleMLZ
PANDACold Three Axis SpectrometerMLZ
POLIPolarized Hot Neutron DiffractometerMLZ
SPHERESBackscattering SpectrometerMLZ

Detailed instructions on the important steps to be followed prior to and after the experiments are explained on the relevant internet pages.