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Call for Proposals

-- Rapid access for research on coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 --


In order to contribute to the research on the corona virus SARS-CoV-2, JCNS has decided to offer its instruments via a special proposal round with privileged access, giving them priority over all other applications for beam time. To this respect, regular proposal rounds (next Deadline March 27, 2020) would imply too long waiting to access the JCNS instruments, and therefore all interested scientists are kindly invited to submit their experiment proposal to the JCNS User Office per email ( without any pre-defined template and without any deadline. Submitted proposals will be assessed as soon as possible to ensure access to the instrument during the next reactor cycle planned between May 5th and Jun 03rd, 2020.

Dear JCNS User,

JCNS offers world-class instrumentation for research with neutrons at the best neutron sources worldwide: FRM II, ILL and SNS.

We encourage users from German institutions to apply for beam time at the JCNS instruments at ILL and SNS. Please find here the  CALL FOR PROPOSALS (PDF, 32 kB) .

Deadline for proposal submission is 07 September, 2018.

Accepted proposals will be invited for experiments in the first half of 2019.

Please submit your proposals as follows:


Proposals can be submitted via the ILL Visitors Club

where you will find the following links in the PROPOSAL page:

CRG Proposal submission IN12
CRG Proposal submission IN22
CRG Proposal submission D23

If you are new to ILL please register as a new member which will give you access to the proposal system.

Please download the template for the second page scientific background


Proposals can be submitted via the online IPTS available at the SNS where you should select PARTNER BEAM TIME in the proposal form.

The following JCNS instruments are available through the current proposal round:

BASIS (partner beam time)
POWGEN (partner beam time)
SNS-NSE (partner beam time)

Proposals rejected for JCNS beam time will have the chance to compete for SNS beam time.

If you are new to SNS please register as a new member for access to the IPTS proposal system.

General Information

In order to be considered for the present call, at least one member of the proposal team has to be working at a German institution apart from JCNS.

If your proposed experiment needs any sample environment, you are kindly asked to fill also the sample environment part of the proposal form. Please do not describe the sample conditions only in the 2-page pdf file.

The review of the proposals will take approximately 4 weeks.

To ensure the feasibility of the proposed experiment please contact the instrument scientist well in advance.
Please find all detailed information at the following pages:



Financial support

Researchers working at German universities can apply for travel, accommodation and subsistence reimbursement offered by JCNS.
Please find detailed information at the following web pages:



Instruments at ILL

The following instruments are available for applications:


D23: Two axis diffractometer


IN12: Cold three axis spectrometer

IN22: Thermal three axis spectrometer

JCNS instrument scientists: K. Schmalzl (, W. Schmidt (

More information

Instruments at SNS

The following instruments are available for applications:


POWGEN: Powder diffractometer Instrument scientist: N.Kumar (


BASIS: Backscattering spectrometer Instrument scientist: N.Jalarvo (

SNS-NSE: Neutron spin-echo spectrometer Instrument scientist: M.Ohl (

More information

Experimental Reports

Please note that experimental reports for experiments performed at any JCNS instruments shall be submitted not later than 2 months after the end of the experiment; not fulfilling this condition may yield to a rejection of your newly submitted proposals.
A template for this experimental report is available here
Experimental reports shall be sent by email to the JCNS User Officer (

We look forward to receiving your proposals,

Your MLZ User Office Team

Dr. Flavio Carsughi
Dr. Ina Lommatzsch
Ms. Ramona Bucher

Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum (MLZ)
User Office
Lichtenbergstrasse 1
D-85747 Garching

Phone: +49-(0)89.289.10703/ 10794
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