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Talk by Prof. Dr. Gabriele Gramelsberger

RWTH Aachen

06 Sep 2018 09:30
06 Sep 2018
Bldg. 15.9v, E1, Room 4001b

Mastering of temporal regimes in science.

The mastering of temporal regimes is a core ability and aim in science, although hardly reflected by philosophers of science. Understanding, creating, and controlling temporal regimes provide access to engineering as well as computing “natural” phenomena and complex processes. While 20th’s century scientific understanding was mainly focused on linearized and equilibrium state temporal regimes out ruling dynamic and non-linear effects, today’s science increasingly develops knowledge on mastering complex forms of temporal regimes. The talk will start with a brief historical overview of temporal regimes in science, followed by a presentation of two current cases from biology trying to master non-linearity and stochasticity in cell behavior. Finally, some considerations on an epistemology of temporal regime will be discussed as a possible link between theory of science and computational neuroscience.

Prof. Markus Diesmann