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Talk by Maximilian Schmidt

07 Dec 2011 13:30
07 Dec 2011 14:30

Solitonic States Far From Equilibrium

We study the non-equilibrium time evolution of an ultracold Bose gas in one
spatial dimension. The gas is confined by harmonic potentials and exposed to an
interaction quench and evaporative cooling. We simulate the system numerically
by solving a classical field equation for stochastically sampled initial states on
a discrete lattice. Quasi-stationary states are found in the evolution of the
spectra, which are a signature of turbulent behaviour. We show that they can
be explained by analytical calculations within a model for randomly distributed
solitons. Furthermore, we investigate the evolution of the number of solitons
and find that the decay of solitons is enhanced by the cooling. In addition, we
study a collision of two cigar-shaped Bose-Einstein condensates as an example of
a quasi 1D system where transverse excitations lead to the formation of solitons.
The creation of a varying number of solitons is observed and discussed.