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Talk by Dr. Michel Vidal-Naquet

RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan

30 Aug 2011 10:00
30 Aug 2011

V1 receptive field estimation in free-viewing condition using a shuffling test

In this presentation, I will describe a novel method to extract visual neuron receptive fields. Current methods for receptive field extraction in V1 use reverse correlation or variants of it, in which a large set (>10,000) of well controlled stimuli is necessary to extract the neuronal filter(s) reliably. The method we present here is designed for the case of a small number of uncontrolled stimuli. This situation arises for example in the free-viewing condition. Our method takes advantage of hypotheses about receptive field structure such that the visual filter search space is greatly reduced and can therefore have a reliable solution when only a small number of stimuli is used. We use a shuffling test to determine the statistical significance of the extracted receptive fields. We test our method on simulated data and then demonstrate it in the anesthetized condition and on data obtained from free-viewing animals.