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Workshop on workflows for multi-electrode data

Title: Workflow design for complex analyses of multi-electrode electrophysiological data

Venue: Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone (INT), UMR 7289, CNRS - Aix Marseille Univ., Marseille, France

Organizers: Michael Denker, Sonja Grün, Andrew Davison, Alain Destexhe

Local Organizer: Alexa Riehle

Part of the BrainScaleS initiative (WP4).

21 Jun 2012 09:00
22 Jun 2012 18:00

The aim of the workshop this is to bring together scientists (in particular within BrainScaleS) who are faced with these challenges on a daily basis and are interested in working on solutions by establishing good-practice guidelines that support, accelerate, and strengthen the researcher's investigations. To this end, the two-day workshop is used to introduce the broad spectrum of experimental protocols and analysis methods that are utilized in the various labs, how they are practically implemented, and how they are limited by the complexity. Further, the workshop is used to share ideas and experiences regarding how these approaches can be linked to form an integrated part of a reproducible and manageable analysis workflow from experiment to publication.