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Supervised Doctorates

PhD student thesis


Alessandra BierwagenMeasurement of lipid and energy metabolism using magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
Arne Berneking
YuPeng LiaoSimulation, Measurement and Control of the Local SAR in Ultra High Field MRI
YongHyun HaDesign, development and construction of radiofrequency coils and their implementation for human studies at 9.4 Tesla
Yun GuDevelopment and application of ultra high resolution relaxation time and water mapping
Nuno da SilvaMR-PET methods for molecular imaging
Robert Claeser
Boris EberhardtRF pulse design algorithms for ultra high field MRI
Markus ZimmermannDevelopment of methods for iterative and model-based MRI datareconstruction for accelerated quantitative imaging
Michael SchwerterDevelopment and Application of Novel Methods for Interactive Shimming
Melissa SchallDevelopment and Application of MRI Methods for the Investigation of Traumatic Brain Injury
Elene IordanishviliMRI in human white matter hyperintensities
Richard BuschbeckDevelopment of a Navigator-Based Motion Correction Technique in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Aliaksandra Shymanskaya
Yanan Guo
Tamar KhechiashviliNovel diffusion MRI contrasts as biomarkers in neurological research
Yunkyoung Ko
Ricardo Loucao
Kamyar KhalediDevelopment and application of a novel technique for functional and structural brain imaging


Syed Irtiza Ali Gilani  Development of Rapid Methods for Relaxation Time Mapping and Motion Estimation Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (PDF, 6 MB)
Veronika Ermer  Development and application of techniques for quantitative voxel based morphometry (PDF, 11 MB)
Marcus Ullisch  A Navigator-based Rigid Body Motion Correction for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (PDF, 8 MB)
Miriam Kubach  Quantification of the Longitudinal Relaxation Time for in vivo MRI - Influence of Magnetisation Transfer (PDF, 7 MB)
Jeyakamalini PrasathAnalysis of O-(2-[ 18 F]luoroethyl)-L-tyrosine uptake in reactive astrocytosis adjacent to cerebral gliomas after radiotherapy
Ezequiel Farrher  Advanced Diffusion Imaging of the Brain Tissue and Applications to the Study (PDF, 125 MB)
Daniel Fiege  Development and Application of Multiple-Quantum Coherence techniques for in vivo Sodium MRI at very high field strengths (PDF, 3 MB)
Christoph Weirich  Quantitative PET for Hybrid MR-PET scanners (PDF, 52 MB)
Fabian Keil  Multi-Parametric Quantitative Imaging and Application to the Study of Ageing (PDF, 4 MB)
Johannes Lindemeyer  Investigation of contrast in the brain due to electric and magnetic properties of tissue (PDF, 56 MB)
Matteo BastianiMulti-scale brain connectivity with diffusion MRI
Rüdiger Stirnberg  Functional and Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging at Ultra-high Magnetic Field Strengths (PDF, 26 MB)
Jorge Arrubla  Combined EEG and fMRI for the investigation of loudness dependence of auditory evoked potentials (LDAEP) (PDF, 4 MB)
Daniel Brenner  B1- und B0-insensitive Anregungen für die in vivo MRT bei 9.4 Tesla (PDF, 22 MB)
Lukas Breuer  Identification of neuromagnetic responses for real-time analysis in magnetoencephalography (PDF, 88 MB)
Zaheer AbbasApplication of Quantitative Imaging for the Investigation of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Klaus MöllenhoffNovel Methods for the Detection of Functional Brain Activity using 17O MRIS
Paul BegovatzMagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and the Effects of Free Fatty Acids on Ectopic Fat Accumulation and Insulin Resistance in Type 2 Diabetes