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Water-diesel microemulsions

Nanotechnology in fuels
By using nano-technology fossil fuels and common propulsion systems can be used more efficient and less polluting. The key is to modify the fuel by adding water. Nanoscopically disparaged water drastically reduces soot and nitrogen oxide emissions in diesel engines despite rising CO2-emissions. Formulating these water containing fuels only requires minimal input of energy. The content of water can be varied free. Flexibility and stability of those mixtures, so-called microemulsions, allow a usage as prefabricated fuel or mixing on board immediately before combustion. Since 2003 the group of Reinhard Strey is realizing this idea. Our research includes various types of fuels. In addition to diesel fuel, we formulated microemulsions containing gasoline, 1st and 2nd generation bio-fuels (bio-diesel and Fischer-Tropsch Fuels). Topical research proceeds. Our vision: diesel engines running with water containing fuel and minimal exhaust after treatment only.

Physical chemistry:
Reinhard Strey

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