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Aggregation modulating D-Peptides for the therapy of neurodegenerative diseases

Therapy of neuro-degenerative diseases
In our team we work on the development of new drugs for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer´s disease. Our goal is the identication of D-enantiomeric peptides by mirror image phage display selections among a library of around one billion peptides. The advantage of these peptides is the specific reduction of A-Beta-oligomers, in contrast to other therapeutic approaches which targets the production or reduction of the monomeric form, for which even a neuroprotective function is predicted. Subsequent we optimize the D-Peptides via microarrays and characterize them in vitro (e.g. ThT assay, DGZ, DLS, MTT, AMES Test) and in vivo (in tg mouse models).

Structural Biochemistry:
J. Kutzsche, A. N. Klein, S. Rudolph, M. Tusche, C. Schlosser, D. Willbold

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