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Institute of Energy and Climate Research
Systems Analysis and Technology Evaluation (IEK-STE)

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Energy systems of the future

The Institute of Energy and Climate Research – Systems Analysis and Technology Evaluation (IEK-STE) explores and develops strategies for the transformation of energy systems, taking into account technical, economic, ecological and social interdependencies.


Research Objectives

IEK-STE investigates and operationalizes social and political principles and objectives in terms of their importance for future energy systems and the associated transformation process. In this context, the institute analyses the effectiveness of instruments for the target-oriented management of energy systems and assesses individual technologies and technical subsystems.


Technic Innovation

Technical Innovation

Accurate knowledge of technical innovations (screening) is a prerequisite for assessing individual technologies and technical subsystems. More: Technical Innovation …


System Integration

In addition to technology evaluation, the integration of these technologies into the energy system as well as the further development of energy infrastructures are decisively important. More: System Integration …


Transformation Strategies

Shaping future energy systems raises issues concerning the social and political values and objectives as well as the paths to be taken, the instruments used to achieve a transformation and the normative framework. More: Transformation Strategies …

Additional Information

Career in IEK-STE

IEK-STE offers engineers, economists and social scientists from a variety of opportunities in an interdisciplinary environment to act.
It is also possible for young scientists in the preparation of studies, master and PhD to serve.

More: Career in IEK-STE …