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Nuclear Disarmament Verification

Nuclear disarmament means the process of reducing, limiting and eliminating nuclear weapons, leading to the achievement of the ultimate goal of a world without nuclear weapons (global zero). While it is not yet clear which future agreements will pave the way to global zero, it seems clear that this goal can only be reached through a multilateral process, including Nuclear Weapon States (NWS) and non-Nuclear Weapon States (NNWS).

Verification is key in multilateral nuclear disarmament – and challenging, both in political and technical terms. Only a credible verification system will provide parties with sufficient confidence in the compliance by other parties, while striking the right balance between national security and non-proliferation considerations and, finally, managing cost. Credible verification requires effective, scientifically sound concepts, methods and technologies.

IEK-6 is contributing to further advancing disarmament verification tools, through the International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification (IPNDV) and other initiatives. In the framework of IPNDV, IEK-6 hosted the Franco-German Nuclear Disarmament Verification (NuDiVe) exercise in September 2019.

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Nuclear Non-poliferation and Arms Control Verification

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