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IEK-6 contributes to enhancing IAEA Safeguards through the following activities:

  • Safeguards systems analysis: Using mathematical and statistical models, improved tools for implementing State-level safeguards are developed further. A case study on the nuclear fuel cycle of the Iran was recently conducted in order to evaluate the utility of a systems-based approach to determine inspection strategies in the context of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
  • Geospatial information analysis: A pilot project was started to evaluate the technical changes required to implement a new process for submitting digital declaration site maps for example sites in Germany using a secure, web-based Geographic Information System (GIS). Satellite-borne video processing techniques for imagery analysis are also investigated
  • Sealing systems: Given current issues related to sealing spent fuel storage casks in the German on-site spent fuel dry storage facilities (SFSFs), options for improving techniques are explored. In this context, suitable current and future sealing systems as well as alternative available technologies, such as laser based systems or neutron monitors, and evaluate are reviewed
  • Verification concepts and approaches: The research demonstrates that, using a systems approach, it is possible to design a transparent state-level system framework to define arms control verification objectives, processes, and timescales. This approach leads to an effective verification regime based on the strategic goals of a treaty, while taking into account restrictions from different security environments
  • Analytical methods

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