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T2 - Transport

The competence pool TRANSPORT focuses on mechanisms of ionic and electronic motion to open the door to the design of improved energy materials. The competence pool TRANSPORT coordinates and links the experimental and methodological expertise within the HI MS research groups to augment the interpretation of experimental data on a microscopic level and to deliver experimental data to provide a robust basis for theoretical modelling and simulation. This knowledge will be shared with the competence pools TAILOR to develop new materials with enhanced compositions, and with TRANSFORMATION and TECHNOLOGY to understand ageing phenomena in batteries on the cell and system level.

The following topics will be of key interest in T2 – TRANSPORT:

• Transport properties of redox active materials for rechargeable oxide batteries (ROB)
• Degradation phenomena in iron-based storage materials during ROB cycling
• Simulation of ion conducting materials by combined DFT/kinetic Monte Carlo calculations

T2 - Transport

Task leader and coordinator: PD Dr. Michael Schroeder

Participating researchers/research groups:

Dr. Steffen Paul Grieshammer
Prof. Dr. Andreas Heuer
Prof. Dr. Manfred Martin
Dr. Frank Tietz
Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Wiemhöfer
Prof. Dr. Martin Winter