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T7 - Transfer

The transition to sustainable energy supply requires an interconnected and flexible system of advanced electrochemical conversion and storage technologies. The development of advanced materials will be crucial in this transition process. New scientific-technological developments arising from basic and applied research alone are not sufficient to pave the way to a sustainable energy system. Innovative materials can realize their full potential only if they are transferred rapidly from ideas into new products and services released on the market. Therefore, it is a major goal in this research area to investigate what kind of structures and processes can be used to accelerate and strengthen HI MS research results and how to directly transfer them into successful innovations.

The following topics will be of key interest in T7-Transfer:

• Shaping the HI MS innovation process
• Intra- and inter-organizational innovation management
• Building the interface towards partners in academia and industry

Embedding Transfer within HI MS

Task leader and coordinator: Prof. Dr. Jens Leker

Participating researchers/research groups:

Prof. Dr. Martin Winter