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T1 - Theory

THEORY will help to quantify physical and chemical processes related to ionic and electronic conductivity on different time and length scales to yield more information about TRANSPORT mechanisms. The aim is to reveal material structures, to understand experimental results, and to reduce experimental effort. Furthermore, THEORY will deliver valuable input for system oriented models and diagnostics which will predict cell performance and lifetime of complete cells to allow computer-based design of new cells. This will be done in close cooperation with TECHNIQUES and TECHNOLOGY.

The following topics will be of key interest in T1- Theory:

• Microscopic characterization of polymers
• Structural and dynamical properties in different polymer- or liquid-based electrolytes from a microscopic perspective
• Transition of cations through electrolyte/electrode interfaces
• Modeling of electrical performance, aging effects and prediction of lifetimes during cell operation
• Modeling of solid high-temperature electrolytes (both anionic and cationic) as well as electrodes

T1 - Theorytransport mechanisms in polymer electrolytes

Task leader and coordinator: Prof. Dr. Andreas Heuer (WWU Münster)

Participating researchers/research groups: