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T6 - Technology

The main objective of TECHNOLOGY is to complement the newly developed materials or cell concepts towards applications. Therefore, a data base and assessment tool is under development to help to analyze and to identify possible areas of applications in a very early stage of material development. Analysis should result in quantitative road maps for new materials and cell concepts leading in market introduction including development of production technologies, diagnostic tools, evaluation of safety levels, analyzing in detail ageing processes, and prepare for lifetime predictions.

TECHNOLOGY provides battery models for electrical performance and lifetime prediction as well as a huge battery test center and a post-mortem analysis laboratory to help to characterize battery cells and battery systems and to deliver data for the parameterization of simulation models.

electric testcar

The following topics will be of key interest in T6-Technology:

• Quality control in production processes
• Battery cell testing
• Battery lifetime prediction
• Battery pack design
• Battery system integration

Task leader and coordinator: Prof. Dr. Dirk Uwe Sauer

Task co-leader: Prof. Dr. Egbert Figgemeier

Participating researchers/research groups: Prof. Dr. Martin Winter