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T5 – Techniques

Processing of materials, structures, layers and components is always a key knowledge in industrial manufacturing and in research, because it influences microstructures, phase purities and properties of the synthesized products and is crucial to come to cost effective, reproducible electrolyte and battery solutions. HI MS processing techniques are predominantly dealing with liquid and solid raw materials, as well as structural parts, coatings and functional layers for highly effective electrolytes.

The following topics will be of key interest in T5-Techniques:

• Development and improvement of Tape-Casting for LATP and LLZ
• Development of novel sol-gel method for dense LATP – upscalable methods for sintered material with densities up to 95 % and Li-ion conductivity
• Improvement of PVD Deposition for LLZ thin films – high temperature deposition for high Li-ion conducting thin films
• Development of wet-chemical processing techniques for Li7La3Zr2O12 thin films with micro-emulsions and sol-gel techniques
• Development and improvement of Tape-Casting for LATP and LLZ – first free standing thin ceramics
• Development of polymer and hybrid electrolytes and shape design (single and multilayers, etc.)
• Development of formulation and filling techniques of liquid electrolytes
• Development of cell designs adopting above new electrolyte solutions

processing TechniquesRelationship between materials – processing – microstructure - properties and performance of electrochemical storage systems

Task leader and coordinator: Prof. Dr. Olivier Guillon

Participating researchers/research groups:

Dr. Martin Finsterbusch

Dr. Sven Uhlenbruck

Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Wiemhöfer

Prof. Dr. Martin Winter