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Jens Elgeti


Growth_1Copyright: J. Elgeti, ICS-2

The elementary building block of all living organisms is the cell. Cell division and apoptosis, adhesion and migration, differentiation and mutation are all determining factors of life. Tissues are collections of cells, ordered or chaotic, dynamic or static that form functional parts of the organism. Over the past decades, the notion that physics, and especially mechanics plays an essential role in growth and development has evolved from hypothesis to fact. Even though an increasing number of experiments and theoretical works have focused on this puzzle, and many pieces have been found, we are still far from seeing the whole picture.

We describe tissues based on a mesoscopic particle based approach. Similar to mesoscopic hydrodynamic techniques, capturing the individual cell dynamics correctly is of lesser importance. Instead, the goal is to atain the right meso- to macroscopic dynamics of the tissue.

J.Elgeti, N. Podewitz



The motion of biological (e.g. bacteria, sperm, algae) and synthetic (e.g. nanorods, Janus colloids) microswimmers is governed by low Reynolds-number hydrodynamics.

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