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Jülich Soft Matter Days 2018

20-23 November 2018

Campus of Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Jülich, Germany

Scientific Programme 

To print use:  Programme JSMDAYS 2018 (PDF, 64 kB)

Tuesday, 20 November

18.00-21.00 h Registration/Welcome Buffet

Wednesday, November 21

8.00-8:50 hRegistration (continued)
8.50 hOpening

Session: Active Systems I

9.00 hLaurent Blanchoin      (Grenoble, France)
Directed actin cytoskeleton self organization, contractility and motility
9.30hThomas Speck      (Mainz, Germany)
Self-organization of active particles
10.00 hMarino Arroyo      (Barcelona, Spain)
Active superelasticity revealed by three-dimensional epithelial sheets of controlled size and shape
10.30 hBenno Liebchen      (Düsseldorf, Germany)
Self-assembled motility in colloidal clusters
10.50 hCoffee/Tea Break

Session: DNA-based Macromolecules

11.20 hVinothan Manoharan      (Harvard, USA)
Responsive and dynamic DNA-grafted colloids
11.50 hLaura Na Liu      (Heidelberg, Germany)
The DNA origami route for nanoplasmonics
12.20 hManolis Stiakakis      (Jülich, Germany)
Molecular engineering of model soft-matter systems using DNA
12.50 hLunch

Session: Colloids, Proteins, and Polymers

14.20 hDirk Aarts      (Oxford, United Kingdom)
Contact values of pair distribution functions in colloidal hard disks by test-particle insertio
14.50 hErika Eiser      (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Design and rheology of DNA hydrogels: Experiments & simulations
15.20 hLeo Gury      (Heraklion, Greece)
Jamming of multi-arm star polymers viewed as model soft hairy colloids
15.40 hQimeng Wu      (Wageningen, The Netherlands)
Exploring physics governing syneresis in colloid polymer mixtures
16.00 hPaul van der Schoot      (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
The shape and structure of nematic liquid crystalline droplets
16.20 hPoster session I & Coffee/Tea Break
18.00 hDeparture for the Conference Dinner


Thursday, November 22


Session: Flow and Microfluidics

8.30 hChristian Wagner      (Saarbrücken, Germany)
3D tomography of blood flow
9.00 hLorenzo Botto       (London, United Kingdom)
Graphene hydrodynamics: insights into microscale flow processes through theory and simulation
9.30 hCharles Baroud
       (Palaiseau, France)
Studying Ostwald ripening in microfluidic devices: Wet foams and armored bubbles
10.00 hArmin Knoll       (Zürich, Switzerland)
Nanofluidic rocked Brownian motors for precise separation of nanoparticle populations
10.20 hCoffee/Tea Break

Session: Biopolymers

11.00 hAndreas Herrmann       (Aachen, Germany)
Dynamic and functional nanoarchitectures from DNA amphiphiles and supercharged polypeptides
11.30 hThomas Waigh        (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Single-molecule imaging of self-assembled peptide gel dynamics demonstrates states of self-stress
12.00 hMartin Dulle      (Jülich, Germany)
Quasicrystals from block copolymer micelles
12.20 hKlaus Huber      (Paderborn, Germany)
Investigation of filament formation of an intermediary filament protein with in-situ multi-angle light scattering
12.40 hDaniela Russo       (Grenoble, France)
Structure and dynamics of protein-polymer conjugates: the effect of polymer coating and interaction
13.00 hLunch
14.30 hPoster session II & Coffee/Tea Break

Session: Interfaces

16.30 hRobin Ras
      (Aalto, Finland)
The challenge of accurate characterization of surface wetting
17.00 hCécile Monteux      (Paris, France)
Bubbles and drops encapsulation by assembling polymers and colloids at liquid interfaces
17.30 hKilian Dietrich     (Zürich, Switzerland)
Active atoms and interstitials in two-dimensional colloidal crystals
17.50 hJoeri Opdam       (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
Phase behaviour of colloidal superball-polymer mixtures
18.10 hAlessio Squarcini       (Stuttgart, Germany)
Critical Casimir interaction between generalized colloidal Janus particles in two spatial dimensions
19.00 hDinner Buffet See Casinor

Friday, November 23

Session: Cell Mechanics and Migration

8.30 hFelix Rico      (Marseille, France)
Probing the mechanics of living cells at short timescales
9.00 hMark Tibbitt       (Zürich, Switzerland)
Photoresponsive hydrogels to investigate dynamic cell-matrix interactions and cellular mechanical memory
9.30 hJoachim Rädler       (München, Germany)
Cell migration on artificial micro-patterns
10.00 hBenedikt Sabass       (Jülich, Germany)
Surface colonization by bacteria: force measurement and modelling
10.30 hCoffee/Tea Break

Session: Active Systems II

11.00 hPascal Silberzan      (Paris, France)
Active cellular nematics: spontaneous flows and topological defects
11.30 hVasily Zaburdaev      (Dresden, Germany)
From single bacterial cells to microcolonies: the role of active force generation
12.00 hOleksandr Chepizhko      (Innsbruck, Austria)
Ideal circle microswimmers in crowded media
12.20 hCorinna Maass (Göttingen, Germany)
From “run-and-spiral” to “stop-and-go”: tuning the dynamics of active emulsions
12.40 hAhmet Demirörs      (Zürich, Switzerland)
Colloidal shuttles for programmable cargo delivery
13.00 hClosing
13.10 hLunch
14.30 hDeparture

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