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Jülich Soft Matter Days 2006

Gustav-Stresemann-Institut Bonn, Germany

14-17 November 2006




In this years meeting, which as in previous years will take place in the vicinity of Jülich from 14 to 17 November 2006, we intend to focus on:

  • Colloids
  • Polymers
  • Biophysics
  • Membranes and Vesicles
  • Self Assembly



Program Jülich

Tuesday, November 14
18.00 - 21.00 hRegistration/Welcome Buffet
Wednesday, November 15
8.00 h - 8:30 h Registration (continued)
8.30 h Opening
Session : Colloids I
8.40 h W.B. Russel (Princeton University, USA)
The consequences of surface tension in latex film formation: fluid flow, particle deformation and cracking
9.10 h M. Ballauff (Universität Bayreuth, Germany)
Flow behaviour of concentrated thermosensitive colloidal suspensions
9.40 h M.P. Lettinga (FZ Jülich, IFF, Germany)
Dynamics of rod-like viruses in shear flow
10.10 h M. Basavaraj (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)
Self-assembly of ellipsoidal particles at planar liquid interfaces
10.30 hCoffee/Tea Break
 Session : Polymers I
11.10 h G. Marrucci (University of Naples, Napoli, Italy)
Entangled polymers : theory and simulations
11.40 h T. Kanaya (Kyoto University, Japan)
Phase separation and dewetting of polymer blend thin films
12.10 h D. Lu (National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan)
The dielectric spectrum of polyelectrolyte solutions
12.30 h A. Stocco (MPI-KGF, Golm, Germany)
Dynamics of block-copolymers at the liquid-liquid interface investigated by evanescent light scattering and ellipsometry
12.50 hLunch
 Session : Biophysics I
14.30 h H. Schiessel (Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands)
Opening and closing chromatin fibers
15.00 h G. Vliegenthart (FZ Jülich, IFF, Germany)
Forced crumpling of thin elastic sheets
15.30 h P.D. Olmsted (University of Leeds, UK)
Mechanical unfolding of proteins: Coarse graining and effective potentials of mean force
16.00 h P. Cicuta (University of Cambridge, UK)
Viscosity and diffusion in membranes
16.20 h S. Komura (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)
Non-linear rheology of lyotropic lamellar phases
16.40 hPostersession I   &   Coffee/Tea Break
19.00 hDinner
Thursday, November 16
Session : Hydrodynmaics & Rheology
8.30 h V. Steinberg (Weizmann Institute, Israel)
Role of elastic stress in statistical and scaling properties of elastic turbulence
9.00 h J. Yeomans (Oxford University, UK)
Modelling drops on chemically patterned and superhydrophobic surfaces
9.30 h D. Bonn (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France)
Droplets of complex fluids
10.00 h U.A. Handge (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
Melt rheology of polycarbonate/carbon nanotubes composites
10.20 hCoffee/Tea Break
Session : Self Assembly
11.00 h H. Kim ( Sogang University, Korea)
S.K. Sinha (University of California San Diego,USA)
Structure and dynamics of thin polymer films using synchrotron X-ray scattering
11.30 h B. Binks (University of Hull, UK)
Planar particle monolayers and particle-stabilized emulsions and foams
12.00 h S. Förster (Universität Hamburg, Germany)
Forbidden bragg-peaks and ordering in soft materials
12.30 h G. Porte (Université Montpellier, France)
Self and collective diffusion of weakly charged microemulsion droplets
13.00 hLunch
14.30 hPostersession II   &   Coffee/Tea Break
Session : Polymers II
16.30 h S. Koizumi (ASRC, Tokai, Japan)
Living polymerization-induced self-assembly: in-situ & real-time observation by focusing ultra-small angle neutron scattering
17.00 h M. Shibayama (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Deformation mechanisms of high performance gels
17.30 h W. Paul (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Germany)
Gas, liquid and solid phases of a single flexible macromolecule
17.50 h J. Sprakel (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)
Surface forces induced by hydrophobically modified telechelic polymers
18.30 hConference Dinner
Friday, November 17
Session : Biophysics II
8.30 h F. Jülicher (MPI-PKS, Dresden, Germany)
Dynamics of active gels
9.00 h M. Rief (TU München, Germany)
Single molecule mechanics of proteins
9.30 h J. Kierfeld (MPI-KGF, Golm, Germany)
Bundling and pattern formation of semiflexible polymers and filaments
9:50 h A. Viallat (Université de la Méditerranée Marseille, France)
Swinging of red blood cells under shear flow
10.10 hCoffee/Tea Break
Session : Colloids II
10.50 h A. Ajdari (ESPCI, Paris, France)
Phoretic chemical microswimmers: Mechanisms and design considerations at the micro and nano scale
11.20 h J. Stellbrink (FZ Jülich, IFF, Germany)
Structure and dynamics of soft colloids
11.50 h M. Dijkstra (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
Crystal structures of oppositely charged colloids
12.10 h P. Royall (Tokyo University, Japan)
Critical behaviour of colloidal fluids and interfaces: connecting micro- and mesoscopic length scales
12.30 h V. Michailidou (FORTH, Heraklion, Greece)
Evanescent wave dynamic light scattering of nanoparticles close to end-grafted polymer brushes
12.50 hClosing
13.00 hLunch
14.30 hDeparture