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International Soft Matter Conference 2007

Eurogress Aachen, Germany

1 - 4 October 2007




This conference will bring together students and scientists interested in soft matter systems such as polymers, colloids, surfactants, membranes, biomaterials and their composites. Soft Matter is characterized by multi component mixtures, large ranges of length and time scales and many interacting degrees of freedom, leading to complex structures, phase behaviour and dynamics. This implies high sensitivity to external fields and ubiquitous and significant non-equilibrium phenomena.


ISMC 2010
The result of the vote for the location of the next International Soft Matter Conference has been announced during the Conference Dinner; it will be held in


We are looking forward to seeing you again in Granada in three years, or maybe at the
Juelich Soft Matter Days 2008
in Bonn next November.


First Announcement ISMC 2007 (pdf)

2nd Announcement ISMC 2007 (pdf)

Conference Poster (pdf)



Program overview


Monday, October 1

Auditorium AAuditorium B Auditorium C
Plenary D. Nelson
Rheology of Nanostructured Matter I Nano CompositesCell Biophysics I
Plenary G. Maret
Dynamics of Complex Fluids I Biological and Macro-molecular Networks I Surfaces and Interfaces I
Microfluidics Polymer and Protein Dynamics I Membranes I

Tuesday, October 2

Auditorium A Auditorium B Auditorium C
Plenary M. Cates
Colloids I Dynamics of Complex Fluids II Surfaces and Interfaces II
Plenary W. Gelbart
Self Assembly I Glasses and Gels I Macromolecules I
Colloids II Dynamics of Complex Fluids III Macromolecules II

Wednesday, October 3

Auditorium A Auditorium B Auditorium C
Plenary D. Weitz
Colloids III Biological and Macro-molecular Networks II Microfluidics II
Plenary L. Leibler sponserd by
Self Assembly II Membranes II Cell Biophysics II
City Tour and Conference Dinner

Thursday, October 4

Auditorium A Auditorium B Auditorium C
Plenary H. Tanaka
Polymer and Protein Dynamics II Dynamics of Complex Fluids IV Glasses and Gels II
Plenary D. Roux
Self Assembly III Polymer and Protein Dynamics III Surfaces and Interfaces III
Colloids IV Membranes III Surfaces and Interfaces IV