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Model Systems

Model Systems

- DNA-synthetic Hybrids
- Modified fd-virus
- Synthetic Colloids

In-house synthesis of novel model systems with tuned properties and complex architectures.

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Transport Phenomena

- Charged Colloids
- Filtration
- Synapse Signal Cascade
- Rod-like Colloids

Fundamentals of (bio-) macromolecular transport and applications in modeling of complex processes.

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External Fields Intro Picture

External Fields

- Shear Flow 
- Confinement
- Temperature Gradients 
- Electric Fields

The response of (bio-) macromolecular systems to various external fields.

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Phase Behaviour

Phase Behaviour

- DNA-synthetic Hybrids
- Proteins
- Rod-like Viruses

Equilibrium phase behavior of various types of (bio-) macromolecular systems.

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- Shear Cells
- Rheometers
- Light Scattering
- Birefringence
- Microscopes

Available home-built and standard experimental equipment.

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