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The Institute of Biological Information Processing (IBI) studies biological and chemical systems using approaches and methods from molecular and cell biology, chemistry, physics, and simulation sciences. We aim at obtaining detailed knowledge of soft matter and biological systems at the molecular scale and at understanding emergent properties and behaviors at the macroscopic scale. We believe that our combined focus on chemical and biological matter will advance understanding unique and common properties of both types of complex systems.
Our long-term goal is to develop novel and improved materials and new knowledge-guided approaches for the prevention or treatment of human diseases. Moreover, our work aims at innovative biotechnological applications. With this endeavor we contribute to solving the grand challenges that face our aging society confronted with limited natural resources and the pressing need to establish a sustainable economy.
IBI has direct access to large research infrastructures and equipment such as high field NMR spectrometers, synchrotron radiation sources, nanotechnology in the Helmholtz Nano Facility (HNF) and neutron scattering in the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science (JCNS). Beyond this, researchers from IBI contribute to further development of existing and novel large research infrastructures for national and international communities.

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