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Drought Stress Tolerance in Barley

Linking investigations of root and shoot growth under lab conditions enables a highly efficient selection of promising plant lines eligible for further breeding approaches. As the genetic resolution of associations concerning trait markers will not only be determined by genetic markers (genotyping) but also by the detection of physical traits (phenotyping) in future, it is very important to improve the performance of phenotyping methods. In the context of this project we will further develop the concepts of plant monitoring and analysis, including root growth, characterization of root architecture, shoot growth and shoot architecture, linked to an integrated analysis of chlorophyll fluorescence signature being a characteristic performance indicator of the photosynthetic apparatus.

The three core areas aim at the improvement of the scientific understanding of drought stress tolerance in barley:

  • improved understanding of the interrelation between root system architecture and drought stress tolerance
  • data acquisition of parameters characterizing root growth; shoot growth analysis as well the photosynthesis of plants under drought stress and normal conditions
  • development of a concept enabling to select and focus on non invasive detectable parameters for the characterization of root and shoot morphology, as well as their growth in future investigations; during stress analyses these parameters may help to identify genetic material with unique properties as efficient as possible

For these purposes, the intrinsic and extrinsic status of single plants and plant populations is characterized under high throughput conditions (high throughput screening) and in mechanistic analyses (deep phenotyping). We will innovatively and further develop and apply sensor systems connected with the relevant approaches and adapted for adequate spatiotemporal resolution. Furthermore, innovative and further development of evaluation processes of complex datasets, derived from non destructive measurements in single plants and plant populations, will be carried out.

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Networking sensor technology R&D for crop breeding and management

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