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Information system for phenotyping experiments Teilprojekt D1Total quality management and secured information are needed for high-throughput experiments

D1 Information System for Phenotyping Experiments is a co-operation project of the IBG-2: Plant Sciences and the Institute of Computer Science (A. B. Cremers), Bonn University. Therein, the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Bonn mainly works on designing and implementing a distributed information system that stores all captured information on the state of plants, as well as related environmental parameters and provides an intuitive access to its data at the user level.

The IBG - and particularly its Jülich Plant Phenotyping center - provides the technical infrastructure to operate (semi-) automatic phenotyping experiments. In combination with the existing integration expertise the practical suitability of the system is checked early and continuously in the IBG.
The project is based on an open, service-oriented, plug-in orientated architecture. An important ingredient of this integration architecture is a cross-system service for query and evaluation of stored data. Client software implementing a virtual workspace for scientists will allow analyzing experiment data and plant history. Quality of available data will be monitored and evaluated based on an ontologybased description of measurement methods. The database system and all necessary infrastructures will be instanced at Jülich, allowing complete acquisition, administration, and managements of all data needed for plant phenotyping. Jülich designs, develops, and sets up real-world solutions for automated plant monitoring when treated manually like piquing or repotting, so-called plant handling stations, ensuring that plant information stored in the database is consistent and reflects the actual plant status. The portability of the information system to other data-driven experimental scenarios within will be evaluated.

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BMBF Fz. 0315531C

Networking sensor technology R&D for crop breeding and management

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