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Phenotyping at IBG-2 addresses the role of improved, faster breeding in achieving food security and increased production efficiency.

Biomass Web

Plant phenotyping quickly and reliably provides quantitative information on best-performance crop traits crucial for breeding and farming. This WP of the BiomassWeb projects will enhance the use of modern technologies in African agricultural research enabling participation in phenotyping networks and the adaptation of low-cost approaches based on state-of-the-art approaches employed at Research Center Jülich. A demandoriented perspective is chosen in which empirically well-performing crop varieties will be identified tested and implemented in close cooperation with the African partners, and lowcost, locally adapted research and management techniques will be developed for Africa.

Biomass Web  ‚Inception‘ workshopof the BiomassWeb in Accra, Ghana (Oktober 7th – 11th) 2013Participants of the "Inception" workshop of the BiomassWeb Project in Accra, Ghana (Oktober 7th – 11th) 2013

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Toward a Sustainable Bioeconomy in Africa
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