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Project selection criteria:

  • Originality and scientific value of the proposal
  • Interest to the scientific community
  • Training benefit to young researchers
  • Priority is given to users who have no access to phenotying infrastructure

To obtain access to JPPC infrastructure:

  1. TECHNICAL ASSESSMENT OF PROJECT FEASIBILITY: Contact the platform operator ( Dr. Fabio Fiorani ) to ensure if the project is feasible. To assist with this first step, a short proposal is required, which includes: Background and Objectives; a Description of Work (max two pages).
    External reviews may be required to support the selection based on the criteria outlined above.

  2. PROJECT PRE-PLANNING: Based on the description of work, the platform operator sets a letter of understanding for selected proposals which includes the estimation of access costs and a preliminary the timeframe for the access and project implementation.
  3. CONTRACT AND AGREEMENT: In a final step, access to the infrastructure is granted provided thatbilateral an agreement regulating intellectual property rights and modalities of access is set in place.