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Integrated Systems for Bioproduction

The development of sustainable plant production includes the development of new technical systems and agronomic management procedures.

The development of sustainable plant production has to take the technical systems into account, in which plants are produced and with which agronomic management is carried out. Via this, marked increases of resource-use efficiency of the single plant and of plant system (e.g. energy consumption of plant stands) can be achieved and the yield of valuable compounds can be increased.

  • Energy-efficient greenhouse production
  • Production of algae using waste gas
  • molecular farming in closed systems
  • Integration of breeding, non-invasive sensors and agronomic management

Energy consumption of greenhouses is a competetive factor with high relevance in modern horticulture. IBG-2: Plant Sciences developed a novel technical solution using glass-film combination, tested it and introduced it into applied horticulture. This new technique leads to 50% lower energy consumption with equal or improved plant production under glass. This is completed with the application of highly transparent glass types, which lead to improved growth and more resistant plants due to UV-B transmission.


Together with RWE and university partners, IBG-2: Plant Sciences runs and optimises a pilot plant for the production of micro algae at elevated CO2 concentrations using waste gas from the Niederaußem power station. ICG-3 scientists optimise light and nutrient supply. Concomitantly, the scientists amend the biochemical properties of the algae in an integrated approach for the optimisation of photo-bioreactors.

In closed greenhouses, climate growth chambers or specialised containers it is possible to do molecular farming, i.e. to grow plants for the production of pharmaceutical substances (mainly proteins). Therefore, scientists at IBG-2 closely collaborate with molecular biologists and process engineers. This aims at elaborating an optimised process at high yield and low costs.