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Portrait von Tobias Wojciechowski

Dr. Tobias Wojciechowski

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter 

Research Topics
The worldwide increased demand for biomass (food, feed, energy sources and fibers) demands new concepts to improve food security. Improved water and nutrient acquisition of plants is certainly one aspect of the value web and increased biomass production, and subsequently, a sustainable Bioeconomy.

Currently, my research focusses on storage root development and resource acquisition of crops.  I am especially interested in the effects of architectural and anatomical root traits on water and nutrient uptake, and the discovery of novel root traits to increase biomass production of temperate and tropical crops. Most of this work is field based in different countries in Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa collaborating with partners from Europe, Thailand, Ghana, Nigeria and the US.

Additionally, I lead the technological development and validation of different phenotyping platforms for field-grown crops that allows high-throughput phenotyping of root crowns of temperate and tropical grasses, and storage root crops. This includes the utilization of a customized field database and sensor networks.

Currently, I manage or coordinate the following projects:

•    GlobE BiomassWeb, work package ‘Phenotyping’ (BMBF and BMZ funded)
•    ThaViBioEC (BMBF funded)
•    CASSAVASTORe (BMBF funded)


Forschungszentrum Jülich, IBG-2
52428 Jülich


Phone: +49 2461 61-96383