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Portrait von Fabio Fiorani

Dr. Fabio Fiorani

Head Jülich Plant Phenotyping Centre - JPPC

Senior Scientist

weiße Fläche

Research Topics

Plant ability to cope with sub-optimal environmental conditions

A first area of interest is the assessment of plant performance under environmental conditions that limit growth and yield potential with the aim to characterize phenotypic plasticity of crop model species in particular. Designing, testing and comparing treatments (in particular temperature, water and nutrient availability, and light environment) in controlled indoor environments is the main focus of this line of research. Major aims are:

  • quantify plastic responses by focusing on a minimum set of growth- and carbon assimilation-related traits;
  • identify and minimize potential sources of variability.

Plant phenotyping and genotype screening methodologies

A second area of research is the validation and application of novel non-invasive phenotyping methodologies at the scale of greenhouse environments in particular for the selection of enhanced performance genotypes. Major aims are:

  • define robust and reproducible assays using new sensors combinations;
  • combine and evaluate relevant assay workflows.


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