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Stereo Camera

Quantification of upper canopy spatial structure

Natural canopies form a complex structure consisting of photosynthetically active leaves and non-photosynthetic elements. Form, structure and arrangement of individual elements assimilate to the environmental conditions through growth and movement processes dynamically. Therefore a canopy forms a continuously-changing structure on different time scales, which is analytically difficult or impossible to describe. In the project the spatial orientation of individual leaves in a natural canopy is measured using a newly developed 3-D stereo process with a temporally and spatially resolution. An automatic selection of individual leaves permits the derivation of the leaf angle distribution and orientation in the diurnal cycle. The spatial orientation of individual leaves and the spatial distribution of leaves under different conditions and in the diurnal cycle label the status of the plant.

Working Packages

  • parameterization of the 3-D stereo method for barley and sugar beet
  • Registration of stereo data with 3-D laser data from TP S6 and with hyper-spectral reflection measurements.
  • modeling of the light utilization efficiency in canopy including changing canopy structure

Biskup B., Scharr H. Schurr U. & Rascher U. (2007) A stereo imaging system for measuring structural parameters of plant canopies. Plant, Cell & Environment, 30, 1299-1308.
Müller-Linow M. Pinto-Espinosa F., Scharr H. & Rascher U. (2015) The leaf angle distribution of natural plant populations: assessing the canopy with a novel software tool. Plant Methods, 11:11, doi: 10.1186/s13007-015-0052-z

Pinto F., Müller-Linow M., Schickling A., Cendrero-Mateo M.P., Ballvora A. & Rascher U. (2017) Multiangular observation of canopy sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence combining imaging spectroscopy and stereoscopy. Remote Sensing, 9, article no. 415, doi: 10.3390/rs9050415.

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Prof. Dr. Uwe Rascher

Dr. Mark Müller-Linow