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Hyperspectral lab system

The Hyperspectral lab system (Fig. 1) will facilitate the functional understanding of shoot properties by high resolution imaging spectroscopy.

Picture HyperLabFig. 1 Hyperspectral lab scanner set up

The main components of the system are:
• Hyperspectral imaging system: ImSpector V10E (Spectral Imaging Ltd., Oulu, Finland). Line scanner with a spectral range from 400 to 1000 nm and a spectral resolution up to 2.8 nm.
• Lens: SP-OLE23 (Spectral Imaging Ltd., Oulu, Finland) with 23 mm, f/2.4, C-mount, E-Series, and 400-1000nm.
• Linear scanner: SP-X-Stage40 (Spectral Imaging Ltd., Oulu, Finland).
• Illumination: Three ASDPro- Lamps (Analytic Spectral Devices (ASD), Boulder, USA).

It will provide a unique spectral signature for every pixel, which will improve our understanding of plant chemical components distribution at leaf and plant level (Fig. 2 (a), (b)).

Picture NDVI imageFig. 2 (b) NDVI image of the same leaves. Red --> healthy, blue --> senescence