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Root Dynamics

Discovering root traits for resource efficient crops to meet the growing demands of agriculture

Studying roots comes with challenges from their complex physiology and their soil and whole-plant environments as well. Roots are hidden in the highly complex physical and biological matrix of soil, and are influenced by the soil’s abiotic and biotic factors. Root trait discovery and application to food security and resource efficiency is slow and largely untapped for improvement. Using IBG-2 phenotyping platforms that allow root phenotyping in soil, in combination with computational and molecular biology approaches, we aim to:

  1. Discover new root traits, and
  2. Develop new technologies to advance root science for agriculture.
Focus Areas

Root trait discovery for greater resource efficiency


Dr. Borjana Arsova
Tanja Ehrlich
Dr. Josefine Kant (née Nestler)
Dr. Arnd Kuhn

Carola Mohl
PD. Dr. Heike Schneider
Dr. Andong Shi

Trait Discovery

New technologies to advance root science for agriculture


Jose Correa
Tanja Ehrlich
Dr. Josefine Kant (née Nestler)
Christian Kuppe

Carola Mohl
Dr. Johannes Postma
PD Dr. Heike Schneider

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