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BECOTEPS: integrated and sustainable bioeconomy in Europe 2030

BECOTEPS, Bio-Economy Technology Platforms, published the White Paper "The European Bioeconomy in 2030". It describes the chances of and the frame for an integrated and sustainable bioeconomy in Europe

European Platform for Plant ResearchThe European Bioeconomy in 2030 -Delivering Sustainable Growth by addresing the Grand Societal Challenges

The BECOTEPS Bio-Economy Technology Platforms join forces to address synergies and gaps between their Strategic Research Agendas

The final White Paper The European Bioeconomy in 2030: Delivering Sustainable Growth by addressing the Grand Societal Challenges shows how the Bioeconomy set out a vision for 2030 together with a set of policy recommendations needed to acchieve it.

It is the result of a collaborative effort by experts involeved in the nine separate Technology Platforms which cover the various aspects of Bioeconomy.