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Cooperation with SERC and INTES

Finite Element Analysis of Structures on coupled SMP-Computers


It is the aim of this collaboration to develop and investigate finite element codes with extended functionality, e.g. error estimation and adaptive mesh refinement; another topic is the implementation of these codes on parallel computer platforms. It is planned to develop a reliable a posteriori error estimator to be included in the finite element code FINEART (FINite element analysis using Adaptive Refinement Techniques) from SERC. Furthermore adaptive mesh refinement strategies based on the error estimator and appropriate iterative solvers (multigrid solver) shall be studied and introduced into FINEART.

The resulting new modules of FINEART will be parallelized and implemented on the coupled SMP computer ZAMpano especially the efficiency of a mixed MPI/SMP parallelization will be investigated.

These parallelized modules shall be integrated in the commercial finite element code PERMAS of INTES GmbH. Additionally a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for interactive finite element analysis will be developed.


  • Development of reliable a posteriori error estimators as well as adaptive refinement strategies by which finite element solutions of required accuracy could be reached most economically.
  • Development and implementation of efficient solver technologies in the finite element code for analysis using adaptive mesh refinement.
  • Implementation of finite element codes on the latest parallel computer platforms, e.g. coupled SMP systems.
  • Development of a graphical user interface (GUI) to provide better user interaction in modelling and in understanding the structural behaviour.

Partners / Grants

The project was funded by the International Bureau of the BMBF, project no. IND 00/030 .

The grant period was January 2001 until December 2003.