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POWER Acceleration and Design Center

IBM, together with NVIDIA, and the Jülich Supercomputing Center plan for a new competency center to advance the creation and optimization of research codes on GPU-accelerated OpenPOWER compatible systems.

Born out of the collaborative spirit fostered by the OpenPOWER Foundation and the commitment of these three organizations to advance the HPC space, the POWER Acceleration and Design Center will be designed to combine the technology expertise of IBM and NVIDIA with the research capabilities of the Jülich Supercomputing Center.

The center will support scientists and engineers to target the grand challenges facing society in the fields of energy and environment, information and health care. This will be achieved by working on applications from different research fields ranging from plasma physics, climate, computational biology to neuro-science as well as industrial applications, e.g. in the area of oil and gas. Beyond assistance for porting applications support will, e.g., be provided on performance analysis or use of suitable mathematical methods and algorithms.

Signing of the contract on the POWER Acceleration and Design Center

Signing of the contract on the POWER Acceleration and Design Center

From left to right: Ingolf Wittmann (Technical Director IBM), Axel Koehler (NVIDIA), Alessandro Curioni (VP IBM), David Turek (VP IBM), Thomas Lippert (Director JSC), Stefan Kraemer (NVIDIA), Marc Hamilton (VP NVIDIA), Scott Baker (VP NVIDIA).