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All about the terms "project/group/budget".

We already had these terms in the old model, but they were directly connected to the account, which is different now.

  1. The project is just the official name of the compute or data project as found also in JuDoor. You need to ask for access to a project via JuDoor to get access to the compute time and data.
  2. The group is the UNIX-group assigned to the project, the data in the project is assigned to that group.
  3. The budget provides access to the compute time of the project, you have to specify the budget in which you would like to run your job in slurm or via jutils.

For a new project, actually the name of the project is the same as for the group and also the budget.

Old projects should have a look at

jutil user projects -u mustermann2 -o columns

The general rule during transition was: the project has been split into a data project (old project name) and a compute project (old project name prefixed by a "c"), please see also "Data Projects". The group has normally the same name (exceptions for some institute groups, please have a look at jutil). The budget of the compute project is still the old project name (without "c").