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JUDAC - Juelich Data Access Server

The Juelich Data Access servers serve as a GPFS gateway (General Parallel File System) for data of the supercomputing systems JUQUEEN and JURECA, and some dedicated cluster systems like DEEP and JUROPA-3 at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC). For security and administrative reasons the client and server parts are distributed to different servers.

All supercomputer users automatically have access to the JUDAC client server, which provides GRID tools for data access and data transfer. Job submission is not allowed and computing time is not available in the server.

An UFTP Server is running on the JUDAC server part.


Nov 2015Migration of JUDAC to new hardware running CentOS 7 Linux; thereby splitting client and server part services onto different servers.
Jan 2015UFTP service running
Dec 2014Start production
Sep-Nov 2014Setup server with Scientific Linux, Remote GPFS and GRID tools. Strong testing and deep analysis of intermittent data access problem by physical and logical reconfigurations together with networking group and IBM.